My research topics mainly focus on problems related to Range-Only sensors (WiFi), Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), and clasiffication techniques for Intelligent Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation systems. The topic of my PhD thesis, was the design of a WiFi localization and mapping system that can help colaboration between human-robot teams.


  • Simultenous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  • Range Only and Wi-Fi sensors
  • Filtering and smoothing
  • 3D representation
  • Computer vision
  • Data science

Research Gallery

WiFi Incremental Smoothing Localization

Indoor Localization Using WiFi and Particle Filtering

ABSYNTHE Navigation System

Map Building (ROS + gmapping)

Indoor WiFi Incremental Smoothing And Mapping

Road Infrastructure Inspections

Traffic Sign Recognition System

RobeSafe Group Presentation

R&D colleagues

Angel Llamazares

Angel Llamazares

PhD candidate at University of Alcalá

Iñigo González

Iñigo González

R&D Engineer

Pablo F. Alcantarilla

Pablo F. Alcantarilla

Research Scientist at Toshiba Research Europe


Great colleagues!

Over the years I have work with multidisciplinary, extremely talented and motivated researchers. This collaborative and exceptionally creative people have help me to develop original scientific advances and technological applications.